LED lights with the status quo and future trends

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LED lights with the development of so many years, the technology is very mature, the future for some time there will not be much change, and after the major companies before the conquering, LED lights with the market has been "carved up" almost, combined with the Government of frugality Policy, LED lights with the market space has been greatly limited. Many industry sources, the next period of time, the domestic LED light with the application scale will also be stable, not much market breakthrough.
On the one hand is the LED light with market space growth tends to be stable, on the other hand is due to LED lights with a low threshold, many SMEs have entered the field, leading to increasingly fierce market competition, profits have been compressed, in the face of such a large environment, Many LED lights with the traditional brand began to shift the focus, or even completely give up the LED lights with business, turning to other areas. As Qian Zhongshu teacher described in the "Besieged City", "the city people want to go out, people outside the city would like to come in", as the current LED lights with the field, is a true interpretation of this scene. To this end, this special through the "LED lights with" siege ": Some people want to go out, some people want to come in" thematic planning for you to interpret the current LED light with the development of the industry status and trends.
LED lights with decorative lighting from the main role of low-pressure main works for civilian use
Speaking of LED lights, naturally with LED lights to carry out some introduction. "LED light with the band is that the LED assembly in the FPC (flexible circuit board) or PCB hard board, because its product shape like a tape named after the same." As most people say when not accustomed to the term is too long, so in front of the LED to the omitted, directly called the light belt.
LED lights are often used to outline the outline of a variety of buildings, a variety of interior decoration, home improvement and other decorative lighting from the role. Currently, LED lights with two main applications, one interior lighting, mainly for the ceiling dark trough, TV backdrop, wine cabinet, wardrobe door frames and other decorative or lighting use; Second, outdoor decorative lighting, can be applied to buildings Contour lighting, flashing signs and so on. Use the scale to outdoor decorative lighting based.
From the material speaking, LED lights with LED light strip and LED soft light with. Zhongshan City, Long Man Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., said Wang Jie, director of sales, LED soft light with high voltage and low pressure is divided into mainly hard to light the main low-voltage. LED light bar with good cooling effect, the service life is relatively longer, and thus widely used in the quality requirements of the high-end places; and LED soft light with its low price and shape of the variability of the market by ordinary consumers.
However, Zhongshan City, Silver Star Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Shen Qing Chong said: "LED hard light does not belong to LED lights with the exact scope.
According to the application of LED lights with the distinction between the situation and not the same with the needs of the lamp, there are high-pressure LED lights and low-voltage LED lights with two. That these two LED lights with what difference, many respondents have talked about the same view:
First of all, the use of different places. Low-voltage LED lights are generally used in places requiring high fire, such as hotels, clubs, etc .; and high-voltage LED lights with 220V voltage selection operation, mainly used in the civilian market. "Mainly to do low-voltage lights with the main band, low-voltage lights with a stable, and the warranty is no problem for 3-5 years with high pressure lamps easy to install, mainly used in some low-end home improvement and decoration." Shen Qing Chong said.
Second, the use of low-voltage LED lights with a few years longer than the high-pressure LED lights. As the high-voltage LED lights with high operating voltage, heat in the unit length of more than low-voltage LED lights with a direct impact on the number of high-pressure LED lights with the number of life.
Again, low-voltage LED lights with the overall high-pressure LED lights with high prices. If a single lamp from the two to see, the price is almost, but because the high-pressure LED lights with high-voltage power supply, usually a power supply with 30-50 m LED lights, and low-voltage LED lights with external DC power supply, LED lights with the cost of the cost will be much higher than the high-pressure LED lights with.
It is precisely because of high-pressure LED lights with low-voltage LED lights with these differences, so decided in the application of high-pressure LED lights with the civilian market is mainly used in low-voltage LED lights with the main application in the project. "On the one hand, low cost, on the other hand easy to install." Wang Jie pointed out.

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